Kidney Healthy Recipes: BBQ Pineapple Chicken

Kidney-Friendly Recipes: BBQ Pineapple Chicken – enjoy this recipe that has an easy prep and quick cook time. It’s as delicious as it is healthy!
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Kind Words from SMH for Dr. Lawrence-Jackson

Sarasota Memorial Hospital recently posted kind words about our own Dr. Lawrence-Jackson.  She is thrilled to be able to lend her own efforts to the wonderful team at SMH.

Excerpt:  We’d like to send a shoutout & *BIG THANKS* to SMH Nephrologist Janis Lawrence-Jackson, DO, for her continued commitment as a volunteer specialty physician with Sarasota Memorial’s Community Specialty Clinic! #YouRock #smhHeroDocs #MeetTheDocsOfTheCSC

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Healthy Diet and your Kidneys

KEEPING A HEALTHY DIET: Some patients, particularly those with high potassium and/or those who are diabetic, are not recommended to consume avocados and sweet potatoes. Not certain? You may want to avoid these foods entirely. Be sure to check with your doctor for detailed suggestions. If you need professional advice or assistance, contact us for a consultation.

Did You Know… Nephrons

DID YOU KNOW… Each of your kidneys is made up of about a million filtering units called nephrons. Each nephron includes a filter, called the glomerulus, and a tubule. The nephrons work through a two-step process: the glomerulus filters your blood, and the tubule returns needed substances to your blood and removes wastes.

Healthy Habits for your New Years’ Resolution

Preparing your resolutions for the New Year?

For a healthy body, exercise regularly and try adding more superfoods such as avocados, blueberries, sweet potato, and salmon. Healthy kidneys add up to a healthy body. Need assistance with kidney-related issues? Come visit us for the highest quality of patient care. Click here to learn more about our qualified team of physicians: